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Enorossi Hay Equipment

Enorossi is a worldwide Leader in Manufacturing Agricultural Machinery.

They have been successfully working for over 50 years, manufacturing their machines with passion to ensure the maximum profitability to farms in every corner of the world.

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Linkage rakes.jpeg

Linkage Rakes

Enorossi Linkage Rakes perform at a high standard with ease of use. The spring system allows the raking wheels to adapt to any type of soil with the correct amount of pressure without affecting the quality of the forage.

Caddy Rake.jpg

Caddy Rake

Enorossi Caddy Rakes are a simple and light weight pasture hay rake that can work on uneven terrains.

bat rakes.jpg


The BATRAKE is both high performance and robust. Each arm has an independent movement, which makes it easier to adapt to the ground and it allows swath formation even on sloping terrain.

inline rake.jpg

Inline Rake

Enorossi Inline Rakes are perfect for harvesting and are used for raking hay and all types of forage.

Double rotary rake.jpg

Rotary Rakes

Enorossi Rotary Rakes allow for perfect raking action and clean forage, including on uneven grounds.

tedder rake.jpg

Tedder Rakes

The Enorossi Hay Top 300 Rotary Rake is designed for small and medium farms and offers great performances in tedding and raking.


Easy Rakes

Enorossi Easy Rakes are suitable for all working conditions with both little and big quantity crop to harvest.

disc mower with conditionaer.jpg

Disc Mowers & Conditioners

Disc mower with two blades per disc, hydraulic lift, windrowing disc, protection cover.


Ideal for big and small farms.


Hay Balers

Enorossi Rectangular and Round balers are excellent for producing dense and well-shaped bales. Enorossi specifically design balers for all working conditions, both for wet silage and dry hay. 


Bale Wrappers

Enorossi trailed bale wrappers are high performance machines designed for both farmers and contractors.

sickle side bar mower2.jpg

Sickle Bar Mower

The Enorossi Sickle Bar mower is a double blade reciprocating mower that is gentle on pasture and leaves a cleaner cut field than other mowers.
Less prone to drawing dust and dirt into windrow, producing higher quality hay.

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