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AP81 Agroplow.jpg

Speed Tillers, Disc Harrows & Deep Rippers

Disc tillers are for working the top 100mm and incorporating crop reside. These machines, with an average ground speed of 10 km/hr, would have to be one of the fastest and most effective tillage machines available.

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Unia Ares Drive - Speed Disc

Semi-mounted axle 825/965-ø36 mm
2 rows of toothed discs CLASSIC ø510/4 mm.
Discs with triangular rubber shock absorbers.
tyre roller ø670 mm (DRIVE system)
Hydraulic adjustment of working depth
Rigid frame.
Edge cutters foldable for transport

Disc spacing: 64 cm [3/3.5/4 m]
Disc diameter: 510 mm.


Unia ARES P – Speed Disc

Finding a speed disc that is gritty yet reliable Speed Disc that will easily break your soil and integrate any trash or plant residue is often a difficult task for many Australian farmers. 

The UNIA Ares P is a strong, dependable, and rugged machine that will help keep your field in tip-top shape and create a perfect seedbed that’s ready for sowing. 


DTM Beta – Speed Disc – Minos Agri

The Beta DTM Speed Disc-Minos is an exceptional disc harrow that offers unparalleled performance when it comes to paddock restoration and preparation for sowing.


The machine is equipped with a coil spring suspension, making it ideal for use on a wide range of soil types and conditions.


ARES HP – Speed Disc

The UNIA Ares HP comes from a long line of Ares heavy-duty speed discs and is in fact, the heaviest of the bunch. It is a semi-mounted disc cultivator available in 4-m, 5-m, and 6-m wide models. Each requires a 210-, 230-, and 260-HP power output from any tractors respectively.

These machines come with two rows of corrugated discs angled in opposite directions from each other. These large-diameter discs enable aggressive cultivation and mixing of soil with large amounts of crop residues at a working depth of 15 cm. 


CROSS S – Cultivator

The CROSS S fixed frame Deep Ripper speed disc combo offers a robust, streamlined solution for deep compacted soil while also assisting in transforming your field into a healthier and more productive one.


Unia ARES L – Speed Disc

Relieve Soil Compaction leaving a Seed Bed finish ready for Sowing. Australian farmers struggle to find tillers that can reliably relieve soil compaction, integrate stubble and leave a seedbed to finish all in one pass. 

The UNIA Ares L Plus Speed Disc has everything you need for fast and efficient soil tilling and seed bed preparation.


Unia Ares P TX – Speed Disc

If you’re looking for a gritty, yet reliable Speed Disc to keep your field in tip-top shape, then we strongly suggest getting the UNIA Ares P.


Strong, dependable, and rugged, this machine will easily break your soil and integrate any trash or plant residue, creating a perfect seedbed for your crops. 


Unia ARES Roller – Speed Disc

Relieve compaction and clear the field of crop residue as well as leaving a seedbed finish


Australian farmers struggle with tough, compacted soil at the beginning of each sowing season. 

The Roller Up of UNIA’s XL is a reliable way of creating well-tilled seedbed finishes.


Unia ARES XL – Speed Disc

Heavy-duty Speed Disc that will transform hard, uncultivated ground to a well prepared seedbed in a single pass.

The Ares XL is a high-performance multi-disc cultivator that will easily till through compacted soil to provide you with a loose and even seedbed ready for sowing.

AP11 Agroplow.jpg

AP11 Agrowplow

Compact and affordable deep ripper for smaller farms and tractors up to 140hp.

Your compact ripper for paddock renovation of pastures, cereals, and horticulture crops.

The 100x100x9 mm RHS steel frame has the strength you need for tough ripping and the #8-9 Hybrid Shank Assembly shatters hardpan compaction up to 400mm deep.

AP3 Agrowplow.jpg

AP31 Agrowplow

Compact and versatile deep rippers with variable shank spacings for tractors up to 180hp.

Your compact ripper for paddock renovation of pastures, cereals, and horticulture crops.

Prepare the perfect seedbed with the AP31 deep ripper. Shatter subsurface compaction wherever you find it without soil inversion and maintaining soil microbiology with the AP31's range of smart ripping features. 

AP52 Agroplow.jpg

AP52 Agrowplow

Mid-range, versatile deep ripper with toughened toolbars for tractors up to 330hp.

Shatter deep compacted hardpans up to 450mm for mid-size farming.

Sporting the #9 Shank Assembly, the AP52 features the same in-built strength to match the largest of our trailing deep ripper models in a more compact three-point linkage frame.

AP72 Agroplow.jpg

AP72 Agrowplow

Mid-broadacre deep tillage plough with high breakouts for improved performance in tractors up to 450hp.


The Agrowplow AP72 deep ripper offers excellent soil renovation with a 200x200x9 mm frame and working widths up to 9 m. Perfect for contractors and broadacre farming applications.

AP81 Agroplow.jpg

AP81 Agrowplow

Unparalleled strength and performance for broadacre operations with CTF spacings for tractors up to 690hp.

Boost crop yields hectare after hectare with efficient hardpan shattering up to 600mm deep, allowing deep moisture retention and healthier plant root development.

AP91 Agrowplow.jpg

AP91 Agrowplow

All the benefits of the AP81 with our specialist leading/trailing shank layout to allow efficient ripping up to 600mm for tractors up to 500hp and over.

Improved towing capabilities and reduced ripper costs with trailing/leading tyne configurations.

AP92 Agrowplow.jpg

AP92 Agrowplow

This plough brings the success of the leading/trailing shank design to farmers on mixed or specialised farms.

The AP92 builds on the success of the AP91's leading/trailing shank design to reach deep subsurface compaction in a more compact form factor. Perfect for mixed or specialised farms. 

AP102 Agroplow.jpg

AP102 Agrowplow

Our flagship of the range: heavy duty rigid deep ripper with working depth of 750mm and 15,000kg breakout at the blade.

Truly deep ripping with depths up to 750 mm and 15,000kg breakouts with our custom rigid shank.

Flexi rollers.png

Flexi-Roller Mk2

This adaptable cultipacker is easily implemented in both primary and secondary tillage operations, as well as in seeding operations.

Uneven soil is no problem for the Flexi-Roller. The independent roller rings allow the Flexi-Roller to follow the contours of the earth, providing maximum ground contact and ensuring the best possible seed bed finish, regardless of the soil conditions.

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